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Illegal in all 50 states, Rage Punch is a mixture of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill and 5 Hour Energy. This glorious concoction takes and ordinary night and turns in into something extraordinary. It transforms the user into a raging, yelling machine. When taken to the dome-piece, the user is first overcome by a state of euphoria, accompanied by a tingling sensation all over. Then, from deep down, the very depths of one's soul, a yell emanates. This yell, incapable of being comprehended by modern science, has been touted by some as a religious experience. From that first yell on, the user begins only what can be described as a "shock and awe" campaign. He dances like he never danced before. He yells at the top of his lungs, frightening women and young children. Through this yell, the utmost sign of virility, some users have reported impregnating women by this glorious sound alone. This tonic must be used correctly, however. It must be consumed with friends; there must be others on your level, because it is indeed lonely at the top.
Say bra, want to whip up some Rage Punch and suckle from the teat of life?

I don't know man. Last time I raged, I woke up next to a Boot rat and my penis has never been the same.
by Willy MF D. April 23, 2010
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