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A term made famous by the strapping young Pioneers of Nebraska Wesleyan, Rage Monday is a weekly holiday-extravaganza, celebrated every Monday (usually between 8pm and 3am) in which copious amounts of alcohol and/or narcotics are consumed.

This behavior is often accompanied by reckless behavior, dance beats, FIFA, and random acts of debauchery.

Often it requires either careful planning and allocation of time for studies, or a complete disregard for the ridiculous amount of homework you have.
Ron: "Hey, my afternoon class got canceled..."
Slippery Pete: "....Rage Monday?"

Maintenance: "There's a trail of puke going to the bathroom, a broken window, and 40 cans of keystone in the garbage."
R.A.: "Rage Monday."
#rage #monday #party #nebraska #wesleyan #drinking #debauchery
by CombatKurt February 22, 2011
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