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A word commonly used to finish a conversation i.e. good bye
Person 1: C-ya laterz
Person 2: Rafter buddy!
by retsaw July 21, 2006
Killer's main bitch and plaything.
Make meh a sammich bitch, and scrub my nuts.
by RSimmons February 03, 2005
Misplaced Canadian with a penchant for crazy marketing schemes. Lover of pizza and all things Richard. Will sell his soul for one more person to join the builders program.
Buy a builders account or I'll lock OT again.
by RSimmons February 03, 2005
Someone who just recently arrived from Cuba. Many rafters reside in Miami, specifically, in Hialeah.
"Another fucking rafter came in a floating taxi, bro."
by N. L. Soap August 09, 2006
A English child with a huge head.
Ay; onto that lad with the huge head....its laffin mate its just Rafter.
by lloydG90 January 29, 2007
a bad ass Satan worshiper that kills angels with his cock...used as a metephor or simile
Rafter is so bad ass that Satan hails him

dude you totally pulled a Rafter on that one

Did you just impale an angel with a giant cross covered in sulfuric acid and then poop in his sounds like something rafter would do.
by Anarquista February 12, 2010
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