To hold an object/person/thing high up toward the sky just like Rafiki did to Simba in The Lion King.

Variations include:
Rafikied, and Rafikiing
Dammit my phone has no reception, I have to Rafiki my phone.
by -greensteeze April 05, 2011

a term used by a select group of students when attempting to make someone laugh uncontrollably

for some this word is interchangeable with googalie eyes

little is known as to why they cause uncontrollable laughter as new words are discovered at random every week
"Hey David, guess what man."
*David proceeds to laugh uncontrollably*
by Fa-Rhino April 10, 2009
A penis with an enlarged cliterous on top of it.
Freddy Mecury couldnt decide who he wanted to take out on a date, male or female, so he decided to go to the sex shop, and buy a rafiki.
by Spirit Haus October 28, 2006

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