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a sever drinker, who is almost to irish to function, an extremely good boxer who is known to play very phisical sports.
nice your a raff i dont even want to give make fun of you you'll probably just kick my ass with your eyes closed.
by DevSKiesBro March 17, 2009
The female Raff is a rare find. She is beautiful inside and out. She is a dedicated lover and friend. She has a mother's intuition and often finds herself surrounded by children. Feels more deeply than the average person. Very welcoming and friendly. Often spontaneous and witty. A determined individual who is trustworthy and faithful in her work. She loves her friends and values her family. Very passionate about music, also very creative.
I just love Raff, she is the most inspiring woman on the planet!
by Happyslap February 12, 2010
A Raff is a common term in London used to describe a person who spends more time sleeping around than making sammiches. Raffs are prone to many of the same difficulties as whores, namely STDs and threats of pwnage from angry cheated-on girlfriends. She is a raff until she sleeps with you. A "raff" who does sleep with you is no longer a raff, but a "cool chick" who knows how to have a good time. Then, when you get tired of her and it's time to move on, she goes back to being a raff again. If she looks like she's trying to shoplift week old cold cuts in her panties, she's probably a raff.
Person A: "That raff is like a merry-go-round; everybody got a turn."

Person B: "I hear a raff is like a sausage in a wind tunnel"

"And the legend of the raff was way hardcore!" Jack Black on raffs

"Exactly! Only a raff would want to be with a douche like me!" Danny Franklin on raffs
by Bland Street Bloom June 15, 2011
to put in lots of effort into somthing
did you see that chick i raffed up lastnight i raffed her like it was the last time i was gonna get any
by no need to know May 30, 2008
a realy annoying fucking fagot
Person 1: hey dude do you want to hang out this weekend?

Person 2: no man i have to go get a tan

Person 1: oh dude come on! stop being a raff!
by wwonka989 May 09, 2010
noun: an individual who is ugly, fat, and is disliked by most people it comes across

i hate that fuckin raff hes disgusting looking and has no friends.
by Lenny3000 July 31, 2008
A cool, sophisticated man who knows his way around women
cor, he's a bit of a raff innit?
by kekee September 08, 2005