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The name for an angel who is often the eldest of her siblings, as she always looks after them and also her friends. Likes to dream about being a princess and live on a farm with sheep to produce her own Uggs boots.

Has the most amazing grandparents, mom and dad and aunt of course, the role models in life. Has a great sense of style and rocks beauty with the brains. Loves animals and even tried to be a vegetarian. She thinks that swimmingpools are too cold but likes to go swimming in the sea with dad.

Oh yes, everyone loves Rafaelle!
Girl #1: Have you seen the style of that new girl?
Girl #2: MUST be a Rafaelle
Girl #3: You are so right, she's smart too

Mother: Child, why are you in front of the mirror all day!
Girl: I want to look like a Rafaelle
by ivbenzdum December 14, 2011