A fun loving, good time, kind of girl. Best when you get her drunk and watch her fall down. Raelle, coming from the root word ella describing a stylish wonderful girl. Sometimes shes a whore, but only when shes drugged up. usually pertaining to the statement: YOUR HIGH! YOUR DRUNK!
This girl I know, Raelle, shes coming over next weekend.
by Francine Forester May 01, 2010
Top Definition
noun, female name meaning:

A beautiful, confident, smart, charismatic, and loving woman ready to take the world by storm. She sees nothing but goals and has the determination to knock out everything that is in her way. Remembering the fact that she is the most heart warming person you will ever meet. Beware, getting on her bad side is something you will truly regret. You will truly regret not having such a person in your life.
Raelle, you really did not have to go through all this trouble. Thank you.
by MrPogi87@yahoo.com September 04, 2011
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