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A sexy bitch who is not only an amazing friend, but pretty much the most amazing gril ever! Raeannes are often vertically challenged (short) but make up for what they lack in height in personality and spunk! These girls are some of the greatest ones to get to know, so do it!
Raeannes typically have very nice bods, and are pretty much just gorgeous.
"Did you see that one new girl walking down the hall that looks absolutely perfect in every way?"
"Psh, she must be a Raeanne."
by fuckfuckfuckfuckyouyouyou March 05, 2008
she is someone who you can make you happy all the time, she is the kinda of girl that if you lose her, your going to be so attached that your going to want to do whatever you can to get her back, someone you will get attached to easily, rae-anne is a girl that you will love everything about her, someone you would want to give your life for, dont mess things up with her or you will regret it in the worst way, you will want to keep her happy, she has a super cute smile, shes really pretty, awesome, and really nice, could be the love of your life

rae-anne is a super lovable person

if you ever fall in love with someone really fast and love everything about her, she just might be a rae-anne
by *monster* January 20, 2011
shes some youll fall in love with fast, shes the most amazing person ive ever met, if you get close to her you wont regret, someone you wanna keep on your side and do whatever she wants to make her happy because shes the best girl youll ever meet and itll be worth it
rae-anne is such an awesome person
by *monster* January 18, 2011
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