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School where people have stacks of cash and are predominantly white, so few African Americans they pay for them to live in Radnor. People think they are the shit when only a few of them actually are. Lot of the parents are stuck up assholes, but a fair deal of them are super chill.
Yeah I'm the shit cuz I go to Radnor Highschool, also my dad a lawyer so Fuckoff
by Seenithappen May 15, 2016
Radnor High school is an above average school in the philadelphia suburbs of the "Main line". It seems to be in the news a lot for the "scandals" that take place, often. Radnor is not a school of wealthy kids, yet middle class. The athletics are nothing to write home about as well as the academics. Even though some of the neighboring Schools are much better (Lower Merion, Harriton, Conestoga, etc) Radnor is not as fortunate.
Many Kids from Radnor High School end up at Philadelphia Colleges.
by thetruthofthemainline December 20, 2012
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