Term usually used in Panama City Beach, Florida at Spring Break, meaning "really awfully drunk in a shitty hotel." This term was coined by a large group of spring breakers from south Alabama and the "Radish phenomenon" has begun to spread rapidly.
That tequila is startin to kick in.
Hell yea, dude, I'm fuckin radish right about now... lets go ride the strip and see if we can see some tits.
by fudermaker April 15, 2003
Top Definition
A common term used when Harvey Levin of TMZ is clearly and undeniably telling a lie to his impeccable staff.

Origin: Harvey Levin tells a story about when he was a young boy he sold radishes he grew in grade school to earn one hundred dollars and bought a P-51 flight trailer toy.

TMZ staff now uses the term when someone in the newsroom may be telling a lie.
Dirty Ryan calls radishes on Harvey's latest jet ski story.
by TMZ Expert October 20, 2011
Slightly awesome, somewhat rad.
"This white russian is only Radish, not full-on rad"
by Legendary Pusshole November 21, 2009
A radish is a chick/guy/300 lb lardass that drools.
WD...the ultimate radish.
by Jacques Asse January 20, 2010
Having attributes of a hood rat. A slang term that slurs the word "hood rat." or acting hood ratish. Relative to the Detroit area and its surrounding hood.
Man your boy needs to start taking care of his baby's momma instead of acting radish.

Man just because you're radish doesn't mean you can't get an education.
by malachi280 November 13, 2011
Radish means cool or awesome
radish could be used to say man thats cool-man thats radish
by ERAERAERA January 27, 2008
A person who goes on to urban dictionary and makes up words relating to genitalia.
My friend Dave is a radish, all he does is post about porn.
by the Daemon March 06, 2010
She's surly, she's profane, she's (in)famous for an incident with nature's lubricant and she's quite possibly crazy.
How do you know when you've had sex with Radish? Your dick turns black and falls off!
by mach schnell April 25, 2005
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