You know, they're that band that sing:
"I'm a creeeep, i'm a wiienner"
you're nothing but a crybaby, crybaby!-Radiohead, Scott Tenorman Must Die.
by Sflik December 28, 2007
Band that formed under the name On A Friday in 1986 and then changed their name to Radiohead in 1991. Made of members Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, and Phil Selway. Best known for songs like "Creep" (which people know alot for being on Rock Band, these people are not true Radiohead fans), "High And Dry", and "Karma Police". Early in their career, Radiohead was known as mainly as alternative or grunge, but as time went on they experimented with genres such as electronica and jazz. They have created 7 albums, most of which are now looked upon as classics or masterpieces. People who hate on Radiohead usually do so because they are brainwashed by mainstream music, or they are jealous that Radiohead is considered one of the best musical artists in history.
Radiohead is one of the most influential bands ever.

Let's go listen to some Radiohead.
by umlikewhatever May 16, 2009
1. an overrated chump Britpop band that got great success and critical adulation in the fucking PC 90s and still gets it today. Singer Thom Yorke whines lyrics full of angst and painful references. The other players ain't so hot either. They first hit it big with "The Bends" in 1995 and their 1997 album "O.K. Computer" was declared a "classic", comparable with the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and Pink Floyd's "The Wall". Yeah, right. 2000's "Kid A" has also been declared a "masterpiece", but that just shows what a wasteland popular music has become. That album is just pompous, pretentious crap. Radiohead is a critical "darling" favorite just like that other Britpop dud, Oasis. Ha ha ha.

2. "Radio Head" is a cool, catchy number found on the 1986 album "True Stories" by the unique American New Wave band Talking Heads. The song title inspired the name of the overrated British band.
1. Radiohead gets compared to U2 and Pink Floyd alot and that is a crock of shit. Their music is just artsy-fartsy tedium with whiny vocals. All their albums are boring rubbish.

2. The song "Radio Head" is pumped up by a guest accordion player. Get the "True Stories" CD and check out this and the other fine cuts on this album.
by Buckeye Starrider June 17, 2007
A Band that should have won the Record of the Year Grammy for "In Rainbows", but didn't get it. Allison Krauss and Robert Plant are awesome, but Radiohead has been putting out awesome records for some 16 years now (as of 2009).
Person A: "Dude, we should chill and listen to some Radiohead."

Person B: "I agree, but there is a problem...There are so many great Radiohead Albums to chose from."

Person A: "You're right, this problem only arises when a band is so great that they deserve the Record of the Year Grammy Award for their Seventh Studio Effort."
by D-Towner February 14, 2009
A band that has create the two best albums of all time. THE BENDS and OK COMPUTER.
Radiohead Rocks.
by tweak July 18, 2003
A band that nobody ever talks about, but the minute you mention their name, everyone in the room turns around to say that they love them. Try it sometime.
Clay- What are listing to?
Me- Radiohead.
Everyone- By God, I love those guys.
by UsedUp December 14, 2006
The only Band on this planet that is yet to release a bad song (yes i like fitter happier)...
The Bends, Paranoid Android, Let Down, Sulk, Idioteque, Motion Picture Soundtrack, Knives out, The Trickster, Pop Is Dead, Creep, Karma Police, Just, You,.....i could go on
by Kagerou March 01, 2005
Just a band. Music is subjective, so it will always sound differently and mean different things to different people. This particular band has a lot of fans, and a lot of haters. Haters say the band is over hyped, fans say the band is god, and the haters only ever listen to a shitty single and pass judgement. I enjoy all types of music, and respect anything decent. Radiohead falls into that rather large category.
I Love Radiohead, you haters are ignorant! I Hate Radiohead, you fans are overhyping this garbage!
by SA-Donald Darko August 06, 2004
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