You know, they're that band that sing:
"I'm a creeeep, i'm a wiienner"
you're nothing but a crybaby, crybaby!-Radiohead, Scott Tenorman Must Die.
by Sflik December 28, 2007
Overrated and stale alternative rock band who have made a career off of writing the same album over and over again.

A favorite among whiny pretentious emo kids and hipsters who think they know shit about music.
Radiohead are bland and dull.
by Jesus Christ Bong Hitter June 07, 2009
The Best Band Ever Whether you like it or not
Shut up you assholes that call them 'pretentious' Radiohead have more talent in one finger than your band probably has combined
by DEAHOIDAR June 20, 2009
A guy named Thome Yorke who moans into a mic and has annoying back up sound that clashes with the bad singing (moaning).
Listening to radiohead is like getting your eardrums raped.
by McAnarchy November 26, 2004
A shit band with repetitive albums that sing about their posse and how everyone is out to get them.
If you intellegent people read their book, youll see that usually the 8th song refers to Thom, the 5th to his stupid guitar friend, and on and on...poor them. Then to make matters worse, they bash Nirvana. Nirvana came wayyy before them.
by Hello346 August 02, 2005
Not that great of a band as some people with horrible taste in music say.
You will like this band if you are...
1. Depressed
2. Fan of noise
3. Into listening to a weird ugly ass dude who can't sing
4. Fan of guitarist who used distorted guitar with no skill
5. Into listening to synthesizers and other varieties of ways to distract the listeners from realizing that the music actually sucks major ass
6. A mindless kid who likes mainstream watches MTV everyday
Radiohead is not musically talented. They just got lucky thanks to MTV.
by PiggyBank August 31, 2005
A crap moaning band who lost creativity after 2 albums so started putting random bleeps and clicks together and have the balls to call it 'music'.
Also have a mong-eye lead singer who thinks he's a politician.
Radiohead are overrated. Radiohead have a mong of a lead singer.
by The Bub Gob September 27, 2004
Band that formed under the name On A Friday in 1986 and then changed their name to Radiohead in 1991. Made of members Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, and Phil Selway. Best known for songs like "Creep" (which people know alot for being on Rock Band, these people are not true Radiohead fans), "High And Dry", and "Karma Police". Early in their career, Radiohead was known as mainly as alternative or grunge, but as time went on they experimented with genres such as electronica and jazz. They have created 7 albums, most of which are now looked upon as classics or masterpieces. People who hate on Radiohead usually do so because they are brainwashed by mainstream music, or they are jealous that Radiohead is considered one of the best musical artists in history.
Radiohead is one of the most influential bands ever.

Let's go listen to some Radiohead.
by umlikewhatever May 16, 2009

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