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The name of the latest (as of February 17, 2008) ATi graphics cards. It has dual GPU's (graphic processing unit) and supports a second card by using "Crossfire" also know as "X-fire" and "CrossfireX".
This is currently one of the best cards on the market, comparable to the "Geforce 8800 Ultra", a $600-750 card by Nvidia, for an affordable $349.
The card supports Pci express x16 2.0, which none of the current Nivian cards support, has a default clock speed of 825mhz, has a full gig of onboard memory, and is rather large.
Person 1 "hey, I just got the new Radeon 3870x2, it runs like a charm and looks great on maxed out settings!"

Person 2 "yeah? Well my 8800 gtx cost more, so it must look better, right?"

Person 1 "Why, again, are we friends?"
by JoPiss February 17, 2008
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