A dude with crazy long-ish hair, loves guitar and music and likes to party like it's 1995. Enjoys listening to hardcore belgian trance and Tennessea banjo instrumentals.

He's got a phobia of pritsticks and other stationary made by Henkel.

But above all, he has nothing to do with Aftershits !!!
Daaayyyuumm, that guy is a total Radek!

Did that Radek get electrecuted?

Whoa! He plays that guitar like a true Radek!
by Hans Schneider February 05, 2008
Top Definition
Radek is a sexy soccer player, he loves to go outside and play sports. He loves doing flips and is a pimp. Hes totally obsessed with footbag.
He looks like a radek. Or he is just trying to be a radek.
by Tollaho April 07, 2009
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