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Racne is acne on your tits. Racne is to your boobs as Acne is to your face and Bacne is to your back.
example 1:

Girl 1: "I hear letting guys jizz on your tits gets rid of your racne."
Girl 2: "REALLY? i'm breaking out so bad, i'm definitely going to try it tonight"

example 2:
"Damn she was fine but I made her keep her shirt on cause she had nasty racne"
by Pam9813 April 27, 2010
3 3
acne that is located on the rack(chest)
Damn, boy don't date that bitch. Her racne brings her hotness down fifty percent.
by Jessie Zarq January 25, 2006
57 6
Acne in the female chest(rack) area.
That chick's boobs have racne on 'em.
by Chris September 13, 2003
51 10
A state in which a person (usually a girl) has excessive amounts of acne on her chest/breast area.
Dude, that girls got major racne, she might need to proactiv that shit up.
by leeb555 February 17, 2011
3 1