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When 2 or more men are urinating at the same time and it becomes a race to see who can finish urinating first.
Todd and Jimmy were racing in the men's room after they consumed a large amount of liquids.
by Alex and Kevin July 01, 2006
something that you can get in a lot of trouble with if you do it on the streets of the San Fernando Valley. But very fun never the less. a speed competion between two or more cars.
bob: eh..lets go racing
joe: why? my car is already faster then yours..and its parked.
by hybridnrg July 01, 2004
The unbelievable high people get off amphetamine drugs and in result are constantly buzzing and dancing around like idiots
Those guys over there had so much MDMA they are gonna be racing all night
by jack burdini May 30, 2008
The act of being racist.
Person 1 - Asians are terrible drivers.
Person 2 - Woah dude. Stop racing.
by 12kate34 August 18, 2011
another, more hip and cool term for kissing.
Kissing is a general idea, as is racing. There are many subjects that fall underneath it. Such as long distance, sprinting, and hurdles.
"Where did Thomas and Olivia go?"

"Oh. I think they're racing in the trees over ther."
by Connor is a beast! July 10, 2008
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