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Tends to not wear pants as much as they should be worn. AKA no pants mans
Hey guys, it's april, wheres rachel?
Yeah where's no pants mans?!
by the gremlin number one July 13, 2012
4 10
Derived from the greek term (perfection); A Rachel is known and the most beautiful females of all time. A Rachel is quite easy to spot with her beautiful hair, a tiffanys braclet, Abercrombie outfits, and the nicest ass you will ever see.
That girl was so beautiful! Damn man, she was a Rachel.
by HeySexyBaby March 15, 2007
332 339
a ghetto fabulous chick who spends all of her time stalking a skinny white kid on tumblr
girl1: what is she doing?
girl2: stalking d34n
girl1: what a rachel.
by taybayy June 18, 2011
15 23
an akward human bee
A rachel stung me!
by thesnarkeater March 30, 2011
25 33
Someone who loves big hairy men and likes to lick ass and chew dingleberries. She likes to party a little too hard, and ends up crazy drunk hurph-murphing in the tub with a strange man.
That girl at the party was so disgusting, what a Rachel
by 123980 January 03, 2013
4 13
Lives in the northeastern part of the united states. blonde haired blue eyes. loves hockey and is like the coolest person ever. washington capitals are legit and the ravens are the best
yo i love me a rachel
by lochnessmstr January 09, 2012
3 12
They will be your friend for six years then start dating the guy you liked and ignore you and ditch for said guy. Will not care about your feelings and is a total bitch. LIAR.
"That Rachel is a ho"
by foster_the_unicorn December 09, 2012
2 12