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Rachel Nicole's are extremely outgoing(most of them)! If you give her the chance to show you who she really is, then she will give you the same chance to show her who you really are. Most Rachel Nicole's have a constant fear of being alone and if they are left alone, they can do some crazy ass shit. Rachel Nicole's might not be the prettiest flower in th bouquet, but they can be rather appealing, cute, and bubbly(and if you're lucky SEXY!). Rachel Nicole's personalities can range from being a shy, independent, loving girl that can be outgoing when she wants to being a complete bitch/Hoe Bag Cunt Muffin - Thunder Cunt Dick Monkey of a person. If you know a Rachel Nicole, then you are a very, very, VERY lucky person. Dating Rachel Nicole's can be challenging, but if you want to be the best for her, then it's worth the time & effort. Lastly, Rachel Nicole's have the tendency to Love EVERYONE! No matter how shy, outgoing, quiet, loud, independent, or not able to be alone, Rachel Nicole's will always have spots in their hearts for everybody<3
by RNL_foreve_ December 25, 2010
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