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a whore who eats reeds penis daily, she is pretty but has no life all she does is go over her one friends house hannah who has a bf brad who feels her up
damn did u see rachael shes with her friends bf hu
by bigdick999999999999 April 28, 2011
An extremely fat girl who is usually hilarious. She is very snobby, judges everyone even though they should be judging her weight. She over reacts to everything and she really needs a reality check everyone and a while.
Girl 1: "Ugh, its Rachael..."
Girl 2: "She is SO mean, she called my aunt fat last week."
Girl 1: "UM, she is the fat one."
by TheRealDeal12321 July 23, 2011
A girl who usually stays in during the weekends playing farmville and reading MLIA.
friend: Hey rachael do you want to go out and watch a movie tonight
rachael: no i have the rest of my weekend planned out already
friend: what are you doing?
rachael: im playing farmville and reading MLIA's
by Daniel1989 December 27, 2009
A stoner chick who is very bright, but nobody knows because she acts like a stupid, spoiled whore. She is usually drop dead gorgeous and easy to spot in a crowd because she is really hairy. She doesn't believe in shaving.
Guy: Damn, who is that girl?
Other Guy: Dude, I think it's Rachael.
Guy: Let's go talk to her, she is hot!
Other guy: No way man, she is a giant whore.
by tigerlilly420 February 04, 2010
A name slightly differnt from the name Rachel because of the a taken out. Most Rachaels like using brushes for other purposes other that the hair.
Rachael like using her brush
by Creepingjesus November 11, 2007
A less common and not as good version of the name Rachel.
Is that a rachel?
No its a rachael
oh thats not soo good.
by laraaaae May 05, 2009
A girl who smells, has freckles, has bad breath, likes highliters for pleasure, has a small ass, small tits, brace face, and likes boys named wade like really obsessed.
boy 1. i just found out my girl is a rachael.

Boy 2. sharpies don't count
by Umair Ahsgar August 30, 2008