an AWESOME girl. she's all about sports ,kind, beautiful, and a friend to everyone. Shes the best sister in the world
your awesome Rachael !!!!!!!
by # your awsome rachael June 29, 2014
Rachael. She's smart but on and average scale, well she tries to be. Shes humble and hates to be the center of attention. Sweet girl but feisty as hell. She hates liars and two faced people. She is strong in more ways than one. She can fight well but would rather just tell the people where to go and how to get there. She has a hell of an attitude but respects the people who respect her. She loves music and other arts with such a deep burning. She has a beautiful singing voice and is a skilled artist. Shes also an actor. Shes average height at about 5'6" with ever changing hair color (mostly consisting of browns and reds. Has been blue and other colors), she has brown and green eyes that are flecked with gold (green outside and brown inside. you just have to look closely to see the green.), she isn't super skinny. She has a little bit of chubbiness on her stomach and thighs but she has toned muscle under it. She has an amazing ass and a nice set of boobs. She has a heart shaped face with plump lips and a straight nose. She has a little birthmark on the right side of her face under the corner of her lips by about an inch. She has glasses. Her nose, belly button, ears (6 in each) and her Monroe pierced and has a small little music bird tattooed on her left hip. Over all shes a little weird but completely lovable even if she seems a little rough around the edges
Guy 1:" Dude look at her ass.. like dammmnnn. She seems a little stuck up."
Guy 2: "Bro, that's Rachael. She's like the sweetest girl in the school."
Guy 1:" Ohhhhh thats her? damn she's hotter than they said"
by SooooooooooFuck..... June 08, 2014
A blonde, hot, sexy girl. She's smart, but yet has her blonde moments. She's the girl that everyone loves, and all the girl that all the guys fall for. Her boyfriend is the luckiest man on earth. Her eyes are breathtaking, her hair is long and beautiful, and her figure- Oh man, she is just the right weight, (maybe a little skinnier). Her smile is so sexy, and she makes everyone smile when she walks. Every girl wants to be her, and she makes every girl jealous, meanwhile, so has so many friends.
Wow, I love Rachael! She's so hot, sexy and beautiful!

Man, I wish I was Rachael, she attracts all the guys!
by Mira746 July 08, 2011
Sexiest ginger you will ever meet. With her green eyes and tall slim body she is the girl you want to be. Smart and sexy equal smexy!!<3
I just saw a Rachael modelling. She was so sexy and smar.
by Gingerequalssmexybeast June 25, 2013
A Rachael is usually a chill-lax girl who also enjoys to mess around every once and while. Has brown hair and brown eyes and usually has a nice tan and a petite. Most have small tits and a small ass. Loves to laugh, smile, make you feel special but can also be a bitch and has a ghetto personality at times. Enjoys a good game of basketball at times. Very sexy, athletic and has a certain interest towards black guys. But a Rachael is definetly someone you wont forget
*basketball game*
Guy 1: hey who you want on your team? Nichole or Rachael?
by Gangman35 April 18, 2013
Is a REALLY good kisser, NICE ass, appealing to all people, beautiful, funny, amazing peronality, AMAZING, pretty hair
boy1: did you see rachael 2day?
boy2: yeah she got the nicest ass i seen all day
by heymonday_21 February 15, 2010
Originated in New South Wales.
Moved to Melbourne and became known as "Perfect"
Person 1: "Have you seen Rachael?"
Person 2: "I don't know any Rachael,
but i know perfect when i see it"

Person 1: "Hey, Look at Rachael's smile"
Person 2: "I know, it's so Perfect is throws me off balance"
by sleepwiththerats July 27, 2011

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