absolutely stunning. short but fiesty. gorgeous blonde hair. sarcastic. loves to have fun. guys pretty much worship at her feet. mega thin. easy to get lost in her eyes. soft skin. typically short. best kisser you'll ever get. insanely good taste in music. if you're friends with a rachael, you're one of the luckiest people in the world. if i were you i'd do my best to get close to her and never let her go.
guy: so i heard you're hanging with rachael later.
other guy: yeaa.
guy: damn you're so lucky! when you're done can i have her?
other guy: no way she's all mine. ;)
by ihateyourface February 02, 2010
Popular, amazing, funny, dramatic.
Meet a 'Rachael' one day, and you'll remember her for another 365 effortlessly.

Easy to love, emotional, a great friend.
"Oh god, I wish I had a Rachael."
Girl 1- "She's so nice."
Girl 2-"She can't be an Emma... must be a Rachael."
by SexyStuff100 November 21, 2010
One of those people who you know is special as soon as you meet her. She's fantastic. Sometimes you wonder why you never met a girl like her before but it really doesn't matter because she's in your life now.

She's smart and has a great sense of humor. Her music taste is fine as the champagne you drink with her on New Years. You'll know her when you meet her. She's incredibly beautiful. She takes your breath right away from you.

She is starting to realize that macs are better.
I stayed up all last night Skyping Rachael, and enjoyed every damn minute of it!

Rachael thinks her Dell can compare to a mac. WTF.
by The True Killah December 31, 2011
People with this name are amazing. They're perfect in every way. They're smart, pretty, beautiful and an all around amazing person. Being with this girl is like being with an angel. Seriously Rachaels are the best.
Friend 1: Dude I'm dating Rachael
Friend 2: Holy shit screw you I wish I was dating a rachael
by Desiboyz January 18, 2013
The best friend of girls called Kaya. She will hug you when you cry, laugh at you when you do something embarrassing, to laugh with you when somethings funny, and to tell really horrible jokes that are so bad their funny. She's kind, beautiful, and an amazing bestie.
Rachael and I are best friends
by BFFLofRachael May 21, 2013
1) Legendary

2) An awesomely legendary girl who likes to watch amazing TV shows and listen to epic music.

3) Crazy girl who likes to act as President with Selin as her Vice President.
Girl A: Drunk Leonard's gonna be back on TV, he's so Rachael.
Girl B: Not as Rachael as drunk Sheldon.
Girl A: ...Very true.
by ErinPhoenix101 July 29, 2010
aka Ray. An extremely hot girl, who constantly sounds like she's high and that everybody loves for no particular reason. Rachael has no best friends, yet a lot of people consider her their best friend. She is also the best neighbor anyone could ever ask for! In addition, she is faithful to her friend Noa and will love her for ever and ever.
Sarah:"I love Rachael! She is my best friend!"
Ilan:"Awks for you, she's my best friend"
Michal:"You'd like that wouldn't you? well suck it cuz shes mine!"
Rachael:"Calm down everybody.. we all know I'm Noa's"
by ILoveRay November 28, 2011

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