A blonde, hot, sexy girl. She's smart, but yet has her blonde moments. She's the girl that everyone loves, and all the girl that all the guys fall for. Her boyfriend is the luckiest man on earth. Her eyes are breathtaking, her hair is long and beautiful, and her figure- Oh man, she is just the right weight, (maybe a little skinnier). Her smile is so sexy, and she makes everyone smile when she walks. Every girl wants to be her, and she makes every girl jealous, meanwhile, so has so many friends.
Wow, I love Rachael! She's so hot, sexy and beautiful!

Man, I wish I was Rachael, she attracts all the guys!
by Mira746 July 08, 2011
Top Definition
The sexiest girl you'll ever meet, also amazing in bed!
That was the best sex of my life...she was a Rachael for sure.
by Brent Anderson April 08, 2008
The correct way too spell the name Rachael.
Rachael is awesome!
by RachLizDani May 30, 2009
A smart, independent girl, who avoids drama at all costs. She is a tru friend and will help you id you need it. Although she has her moents of bitchiness she is a beautiful girl all the way through
boy:i think i am breaking with you
girl:probly to go out with Rachael
boy: umm yeah that is actually why i am breaking up with you
by jerryspringerfan1# January 07, 2009
a brown eyed ,brown haired beauty.hates drama,and is very independent.outgoing and loves to flirt.doesnt care what people think of her,and is smart.laughs at everything,and trys making jokes,enjoys the company of others.is a better lover than fighter but can beat your ass.has alot of friends.loves to act like a ganster
mann,thats deff a rachael.
by mdsfdh May 28, 2009
A very nice name that can be defined as a stunning girl. Mostly rachael is spelled with no "A" but this is a different type. If a name does not have an "A" then it is Jewssh but if it does the name is not Jewish
Rachael went to church today!
by Rachaelxoxo May 24, 2007
A very rare type of women to find. Beautiful, smart, loyal, kind, sweet, paitent, considered to be what every guy wishes for. Isn`t a fighter but if wanted to could kick your ass. Fragile, gentle, lovable, can maintain a steady relationship without problems or any fighting, can give hugs to warm your heart and kisses to satisfy. She has eyes that are easy to get lost in, hair softer than fleece, skin as soft as a baby`s bottom, lips like candy, body chizzled from the gods, is basically the girl every guy dreams of.
Guy #1: So I heard you were dating someone, who is it?
Guy #2: Rachael.
Guy #1: Phuck you.

Guy #2: Don`t be a hater.
by Your phackin` mother. :) May 23, 2010
probly the nicest girl youu will ever meet shes funny stunning and kwl to hav a laff wiv!
omg shes such a rachael
by Sazz121 January 08, 2009
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