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Speed Racer's older brother Rex Racer who ran away from home many years ago.
Although he is Speed's rival, he is also his guardian angel at times.
Is it true? Are you really my older brother Rex Racer who ran away from home years ago?
by CornBald October 29, 2004
Famous metal band. Formed in 1986, they have five studio recordings under their belt. Includes virtuoso guitarist Paul Gilbert - famous for being one of the best shredders in the world.
Paul Gilbert is clearly insane! But in a good way!
by by jingo July 02, 2005
Racer X is Rex Racer - Speed Racer's brother.
In the movie, he fakes his death to protect his family from harm from the big industrial racing corporation. He keeps his identity a secret not only with a mask and sunglasses, but also got a surgical "makeover" on his face to change his identity. He later on in the movie reveals his face to Speed, but Speed doesn't recognize him due to the surgery.
Since Super Smash Brothers Brawl just recently came out, you'll probably be thinking to yourself, "Damn, that guy reminds me of Captain Falcon!
As soon as Racer X stepped out of his car to help that Asian guy, I thought to myself "HOLY SHIT, it's Captain Falcon!"
by Evadrol May 10, 2008
Hardcore to the utmost extreme. The anti-bro.
Chadbrochill: "hey bro wanna chill and drink some nattys?"
Bobcat X to the extreme:"No man i'm way too RacerX. I gotta watch out for that brorape."
by RacerX1 September 16, 2009
a skank ass hoe who leaves skidmarks in their panties from an excessive amount of farts that sound like a low rpm noise.
Man, that bitch farted so loud and for so long as i was fucking her we called her Racer X.
by Dicks Everywhere July 10, 2008
Someone who is strong, confident, charasmatic with a high sense of expertism.
by Anonymous April 16, 2003
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