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1. Baiting a racial group;

2. Baiting people, using racially-inflammatory issues or stereotypes.

Note: Some people consider making accusations of racism where there are likely none to be race-baiting. This is tricky because it hinges on the viewpoint of the person who is judging whether or not racism is involved. It is possible to underestimate the possibility of racism. Thus some people say people are using the race card when they are legitimately concerned that racism is a factor. Using the race-card in and of itself is not race-baiting. Using the race-card in order to bait people is race-baiting.

Is action against racism race-baiting if it's done in order to increase political action? I don't think so.
He was so irrationally intolerant of those unlike himself that he frequently burst out in race-baiting tirades, hoping to get into arguments with those he considered ethnically lower.
by Awed2 July 13, 2011
Attempting to cloud logic and facts by appealing to emotion through false accusations of racial discrimination. A favorite spin tactic of politicians used to manipulate people of low intelligence.
Obama's rhetoric concerning the Zimmerman case was blatant race-baiting and an obvious attempt to divert public attention from the scandals of his administration.
by Who is John Gault July 20, 2013
A term used by white people to dismiss criticism and objection to racist policies or racial discrimination; attempting to discrediting the critic as a person inciting racial tension when none (supposedly) actually exists. Functionally equivalent to a Red Herring designed to distract the audience from the real issue (IE pre-existing racial tension).

Essentially, use of the phrase indicates a desire to stop discussions of racial tension. Probably because they make white people feel really uncomfortable.
"Why is it cops harass black people so much more than white people?"

"Stop trying to rile people up! You're just Race Baiting!"
by CommandoDude November 30, 2014
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