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A 'Race Pimp' is a race monger. They feed off racial tension and they live and die by racism. They offer nothing new, nothing good, nothing to repair, only conflict between the races. They are socially irresponsible, and think nothing of destroying innocent peoples names if it means furthering their own finances and level of fame. Reverend Wright from Chicago is the worst kind of Race Pimp because he uses the house of worship to race bait and sell his political agendas....and at the same time making a profit.
"Did you see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson race Pimping on CNN today?"
by Vic/DA January 05, 2010
What right-wing reactionaries call anyone who insists that racism was a significant problem in American history and is still alive and well in contemporary American society.
"Those race pimps at the university are always telling us that black slavery was anti-American."
by Gprof March 17, 2010
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