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The act of stealing and drinking other people's beer, usually the ass. Most commonly found with half finished cans on the beer-pong table and if you have no self-respect, out at a bar. Usually the "racoon" is heavily inebriated and is only interested in consuming more beer.
"What the fuck? Where's my beer? I told you to watch it!"

"Sorry dude, some guy came out of the shadows and started raccooning beers left and right, he got like 4 of em.

"Dammit! This bar has a raccoon problem. Call animal control before he steals anything else."
by TC231 February 17, 2013
The act of taking food/beer that has been left outdoors, particularly at a tailgate.
Friend: "Shit, Jimmy left the tailgate in order to see kickoff, and he locked the beer in the car"
You: "Time to go raccooning. I think I saw an F-150 parked a few spots away"


Fan #1 (leaving the stadium): "That was a great game"
Fan #2: "It sure was" (making his way to an unattended cooler)
Fan #1: "While you are raccooning, I will be taking a piss. Raccoon me that bag of chips while you are there"
by Flip Cup 1023 October 10, 2010
The act of punching someone in both eyes during sex giving them two black eyes and then stealing all of their valuable possessions.

Developed by man, but I believe this act will become more popular with prostitutes and/or other hired escorts.
Ex. 1: Nice night to go Raccooning. What say ye gents?

Ex. 2: So I hired this hooker. We were goin' at it just having a good time, Then out of nowhere she Raccooned me! Punched me in both eyes and took everything I had.
by Goin' Panda January 11, 2012
The act of taking things gradually over time, usually after a breakup. Also when someone borrows something without asking, and forgetting to return it before it is missed.
When I came home and realized my couch was gone, I knew my girlfriend was raccooning me.
by Heycat81 October 01, 2011
The act of going to a restaurant with a group of friends and opting, instead of ordering your own meal, deciding to eat off of everyone else's plate, and leaving them with the check.
Watiress: "May I take your order, Sir?"

Raccoon: " No thank you. I'm raccooning off of my friends' plates today. So I'll be having what they're having."
by Lancer Manion June 28, 2011
When you laugh so hard you cry and smear your eyeliner and look like a raccoon
*watching random viral video*


You: ew.
by manleeman June 14, 2011
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