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The setting for Resident evil 2 and 3. Its residents were turned into zombies by the T-virus, a Biological weapon created by the pharmaeuctical company, Umbrella. It was Nuked at the end of Resident Evil 3, killing all the mutated residents
by ~ThE EnD Of ThE RoAd~ June 30, 2006
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a town with no means of entertainment or any kind of social, cultural scene; it is so devoid of life it resembles Raccoon City of Resident Evil fame. (i.e. ghost-town)
Tom: Man, there is nothing to do here, let's drive up to Las Vegas and have some real fun!

Harry: I'm down. Now leaving Raccoon City.
by Personman01 May 14, 2007
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It is a city that was nuked after an outbreak of the T-Virus in the Resident Evil movie and game series. It was sorrounded by a giant wall created before the incident just in case the outbreak happened which it did.
raccoon city was a war zone until it was nuked
by Breandon B. July 25, 2007
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