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Pussy magnet. very hot Lebanese man elite! a name that is manly given to the Lebanese primitives GOD of all gods the legend says that he was the stronger the most beautyfull and manly the most intelligent between all solders so he rebelled on god and named him self god of all gods and for many many years gods tried to fight him but he was so powerful that no one could handle it!
-look at that strong and handsome man who is he?!
-i dnt know he must be RABIH!
by a random Lebanese MAN October 25, 2010
21 18

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state of being a ridiculously hairy and angry monkey who can't spell. also known as a fascist
That person is a crazy Rabih!

Person 1: its your turn Rabih!
Rabih: i know it is..Crackhead! is Wi a word?
by Vladimir Cherkov1 July 06, 2010
10 16