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Used in a sentence to describe a general feeling of ill or disgust.
Can be used alone for impact.
'Man, i feel rabid'
'That's actually rabid'
'Ah, rabid'
by John Smith IIIV December 10, 2007
A Playstation 2 Online Clan that orginated on Star Wars Battlefront, but is now also playing Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.

They are probably the largest clan for these games, and one of the best.
Person 1: "What happened in your clan match yesterday?"

Person 2: "We faced RABiD and got our asses kicked."
by Tyler_13 January 10, 2006
A state of intoxication, excitement or a combination of the two
I had 5 pints and was utterly rabid!

I was charging around like the rabid one!
by OC Hamster August 04, 2003
A moron from somewhere, who never does their work.
You're SO Rabid!
by Chilly November 26, 2003