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Rabid Rabbit was a band in Phoenix, AZ. Considered by many to be the main influence of the band which formed a few years later, Jane's Addiction, due to the similarity of their sound. Technicolor Yawn was their only studio release and was only released on vinyl.
I wish I could get my hands on Rabid Rabbit's Technicolor Yawn
by Ghost of Ladmo September 09, 2006
When a woman and a man get naked. Then the man gets bitten by a rabbit with rabies. The woman then takes magic mushrooms and proceedes to give you head and then start freaking out and running away. thats when the man cums all over her. Calls her his "white whore" then pisses in her eyes, making them red, she will then look like a rabbit.
Person one: Dude how was the rabid rabbit last night?
Person two: Gwaragghagahgashghasghsgahgshjhakjkhajhdsghs
by IAMYODADDY September 15, 2010
a nickname for myself given to me by my friends while we camp in New York; my name in the Woodsmen tribe
Rabid Rabbit is on the quad somewhere in the woods.
by vryone April 09, 2005

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