A parking spot or gap in city traffic only big enough for a Rabbit to use. It's invisible to people with bigger cars.
"I bet you 100 people drove by that Rabbit hole and didn't even see it."
by Steve Capstick June 27, 2006
The house of the whore you meet at the bar.
Ted: I had an awesome time last night at the bar, I got digits from 4 different chicks.Hey, have you guys seen Danny today?
Peter: Yeah man, I just saw him leaving the Rabbit Hole he went back to last night.
Ted: F'ing sweet man, I wish I could get as much tail as Danny!
Peter: Yeah, me too.
by Queen Sheila April 14, 2007
A girl choking on water during climax while masturbating with a vibrator.
excited by her new Drilldo she couldn't stop masturbating and rabbit holed herself and died!
by AllTurdBoy February 01, 2011
Means asshole. But most commonly used to describe Amanda Rabbits ass.
"Lets see how deep the rabbit hole goes"
by Necroboy May 12, 2003
A female rabbit's vagina.
Molesting a female rabbit is called "going down the rabbit hole."
Damn animal molesters, always going down the rabbit hole...
by Diablo the Echidna October 06, 2003
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