one such as our friend dave who dresses as a badger on occassions (which has earnt him the title of 'bona fide') and denies his semitic roots, despite explicitly practising and preaching from the Torah on an almost daily basis. he may be jewish, but hes a bit lazy.
"i wonder if the rabbi badger has recorded neighbours today."

"hey rabbi badger, its your turn to make tea."
by foetal March 26, 2005
Top Definition
Or the 'Dancing badger' as it is known can be found in the deep lakes of Detroit, Michigan.

Floudering as it does, he wigga's and wagga's down wit da nigga's, 'wesssst-siiiiddddddde, west-siiiiiiiide', it be heard rapping, it can also beat box.
Jay-Z is one. And maaaaybe Busta Rhymes, hard to say, I haven't seen his balls...
by January 27, 2005
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