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The last sound that you will hear in the zombie Apocalypse. Many Zombies will groan and moan but at the last moment just before biting they always yell RaaawwwrRRRR!!!

So, if you ever hear this sound, one of your friends has just been turned into a zombie. Happy living.
"btw, blah , blah blah blah blah...", your friend is babbling.


you think to yourself "Wow it's so quiet now; Sweet, ... ..."all of a sudden you yell "OHHHHH NO!!!!!" as you realize that you friend stopped annoying you because they where just chomped by a Zombie. The tell tale sign. RaaawwwrRRRR
#zombie #groan #moan #noise #raaaawwwwrrrrrr
by Jnxt June 28, 2011
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