Rich White People.
It is used to describe things that are fancy and elitist.
That Lexus is an RWP car.
Houstons is an RWP place to eat
by Marcus Ronaldi July 31, 2006
Top Definition
RWP is an acronym for Re-Wipe and Pee. It occurs when one goes to the bathroom to pee, but uses the stall because the burning and itching indicates further cleanup of the anal sphincter is required. The phenomenon is often associated with the day after a long night of drinking. When a turd has no distinct ending multiple re-wipes are often necessary. If the condition persists, it can turn into BRWP which stand for Bloody Re-Wipe and Pee.
Dude, I was out drinking last night and have massive swamp ass. I have to go RWP.
by chipper0102 March 08, 2010
(On Facebook)
Acronym for "random wall post."
John Smith
like my status for a rwp!
5 people like this.
by Blitzn September 25, 2011
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