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Roommate with benefits. Similar to FWB (friends with benefits) but it's between roommates rather than friends living in separate places. Fuck buddies that live in the same apartment but different rooms.
I need to find me a RWB so I don't have to travel very far when I want a booty call.
by Syl.A December 23, 2011
RWB = Are We Blazing? An acronym in America, or more specifically North Eastern area/Tri-State Area and New York City. Is used between friends who often "blaze" (SMOKE MARIJUANA) together. If done on regular basis most conversations between such close friends/smokers will virtually always contain such a question.
M: "Hey what's up"
A: "Nothing much, you?"
M: "Same, so.......................RWB or what?"
by Arthur V August 15, 2006
ratchet white bitch
Have you seen that nasty chick, she's such a RWB.
by ramona666 February 18, 2014
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