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1) RVS is an acronym that stands for "Rotten Vagina Syndrome." Often attributed to Bacterial Vaginosis or an STD such as Chlamydia or Herpes, RVS is characterized by a strong pungent odor that emanates from a woman's vagina. Often, this odor's aroma smells like rotten eggs or meat.
2) Colloquially, RVS may be used as an insult to a male that is unwilling to adhere to his friends' wishes.
1) When I showered this morning, there was a sulfurous smell in the air. I checked, and it was emanating from my vagina. I think I may have RVS. Maybe I should see a doctor.
2) Oh, he didn't want to play football with us this afternoon. He has RVS.
by CXO1 December 05, 2009
3 3
An abbrievation for the game Rainbow Six 3: raven shield, RVS refering to the raven shield part
this game is good but nothing compared to rvs
by Enigma, June 17, 2005
13 9
restless vagina syndrome; aka horny
Her dry spell of any sort of sexual contact led to RVS, and many sleepness nights.
by flemmeg April 04, 2009
7 4
Rhodda Valley Skinheads, gangs from the south wales valleys who bully blacks & england & ne from pakistan etc.
shoutin 2 blacks "Rhodda Valley Skinheads" "RVS"
by billy bright March 22, 2006
5 11