Are You Fuckin Serious. Used when an unblievable statement has been made in a chat room or on the street depending on who you are.
Mo: I hooked up with Renee 2day.


Jay: WTF
by Jay James July 02, 2003
Top Definition
A german Afterworks company specializing in the tuning and remodeling of Porsches. Makers of some famous cars such as the RGT, the CTR-2, the YellowBird, the 3400S, and the new RT-12.
the RUF-RGT will top 200MPH.
My 3400S looks like a boxster, but it'll eat babies for breakfast
by Bfad September 18, 2005
RUFS is short for "R U Fuckin Serious?!" Used for those occasions when "are you serious" is just not enough to question the seriousness of a situation.
For use as an exlamatory phrase, 'I was about to go dick deep in this bitch in the bathroom at da club until she opened her legs and it smelled like week old fish in a dumpster in the 100 degree sun and i was all like RUFS?!"
by JFBravo April 06, 2011
Acronym for R U fucking serious
In a moment of utter disbelief and there is no time to say the phrase "are you fucking serious!?!?"

Just say RUFS!?!

Can be used as a rhetorical question.

joking disbelief kidding lier unreal
by Zuzig August 10, 2013
Very German Child
Hitler is ruf
by cracker November 11, 2003
Shitty and bad, can describe bad situation
The Ducks are Ruf!
That's Ruf!
by Pussydestroyer92 November 13, 2014
Acronym for "are you fucking?"
better known as "are you fucking kidding me?"
Idiot:I think tony romo is better than tom brady
Person: RUF?!?!?
by Astrosfan051217 December 10, 2007
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