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An acronym for Rich Urban Biker. A title given to middle aged, upper class, white males that make more money than they know what to do with so they decided to pretend to be bad ass and get a Harley. Unlike real Harley men they get all the trimmings on their bike which usually includes Heated handle bars, luggage racks, stereos, raised back support, cruise control and completely useless items like suicide shifts. Basically they just end up buying a 2 wheeled sedan, but they have no idea how to maintain it.

You’ll never see them exceed the speed limit; actually, you’re lucky to see them ever DO the speed limit.

Any damage that may occur to their Harley will instantly run them at least $2000, merely because of all the bloated accessories they’ve placed on the bike, because of this, they will only take their bikes out on the sunniest of weekend rides and only for short distances. Even if they’re going to some sort of Harley riders get together, they would rather tow their bike in the back of their truck, stay at a nearby Hilton and will only ride their bike a couple of miles from the Hilton to the “meet” the day of the convention.

RUB’s are the only motorcyclist who DO NOT give a waive or a nod to other riders on the road when passing, apparently they are to smug to do so or afraid of crashing by doing something complicated like nodding.
only a RUB would have heated handlebars on a bike
by Mr Wall June 21, 2006
When used in the hyphenated suffix form, x-rub (e.g., couch-rub, truck-rub, toothbrush-rub) denotes a location/activity-specific instance of (predominantly) outer-clothing massaging concentrated in erogenous zones.
Babe, I need some Nappa cabbage and fresh basil for this sausage recipe; let's go to Meijer and have a produce-rub.
by Internecine Allan December 05, 2007
when your dip(smokeless tobacco) has lost flavor you rub your lip to rejuvinate the flavor of the dip there for giving a pinch the nick name rub.
After a long day of school i threw in a rub and played some halo.
by Bgtom October 21, 2007
Stands for Really Ugly Bitch.
"Man, that is one R.U.B. right there."
by Kujo1200 July 08, 2007
A fun, romantic, intense passionate, exxxciting feeling/emotion of deep affection for your partner. "Rub" is a synonym for "love". "Rub" is the more mature version of "wub".
I rub you, so, so much!

Let me rub you all night long.

I rub you more than words.
by sexybear January 09, 2013
Short for rubbish - used to describe something of low quality. Common amongst pre-teens in South Wales.
This second-hand sandpaper is rub.
by Rub June 11, 2003
a lazy,lowlife ignorant
that guy sleeping on your couch is a rub.
by babyrazor July 21, 2003
when something horrible happens
Person 1: My car broke down!
Person 2: Man that rubs!
by justgivemeaname May 26, 2005

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