Restless Teen Syndrome

when a teenager feels the need to get out of their town but doesn't know what to do/doesn't have enough money to do it/doesn't have a ride to get there
you: im so bored but idk what to do about it since im too young to be an adult but too old to do kid things
me: yeah bro you have a serious case of RTS
by restless teen June 28, 2011
Respect the Students
those those teachers are so gay, they need to RTS
by Edward Cullen is gay October 11, 2009
Radio-Televizija Srbije, which is the public broadcaster of Serbia. There are two channels, RTS1 and RTS2.
E, brate! Jel si gledao tekmu juce na RTSu. Srbija je pobedila Belgiju 1:0. Nikola Zigic je dao go.

Hey man! Did you watch the game yesterday on RTS. Serbia beat Belgium 1:0. Nikola Zigic got the goal.

by BGD16 April 02, 2007
One of the best style of games out there. Involves having control of a nation, military force, or even a city.Hated by all those rts fags who wonder around magical kingdoms to trade gold and dance for each other.

Incudes: Command&Conquer Age of Empires
Starcraft Dune(the game)
Rome Warcraft 1,2,3
LOTR Battle for middle Earth
"Dude, my army so pwns urs"
"U guys suk i hate it this dumb game, im gonna play marowind"
"Damn I hate RTS"
by Tommy Versetti May 28, 2005
A type of game that kicks the shit out of all TBS games. Lets see, how many good RTS's are there?

Command & Conquer(all of them)
Age Of Empires
Warcraft(all of them)

How many good TBS's?

Civilization(all of them)

Then theres always the hybrid game Rise of Nations, which is cool.
omg omg omg i r teh tbs fag and got pwned at starcraft cuz he uber rts guy!
by Elite November 22, 2003
This group enjoys the company of men; usually with small dicks and braces they call "grillz". They meet in Surrey to talk about how many men they blew their load on. Many consider them to be "ram chodes".
yo, did you see that RTS fag?

Yeah man that ram chode had jizz all over his chin braces
by The Profess0r July 05, 2009
Also know as Roll to Sell.
RTS is an acronym used in World of Warcraft that indicates how an item can be distributed within a group. Every person in the group is allowed to "roll" by typing /random. This generates a random number between 1-100. Usually the highest roller is allowed to take the item to sell, disenchant, or do with as you wish.
by wickedwolf June 05, 2006

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