Real Time Racing, a game made by SIMBIN and uses the iOpener technology (iOpener used in real racing to show precisely the position+ speed + site of the car..) which allows you to play in real time against real life drivers.
My stupid friend: HOLY SHIT..!!! I JUST BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF KIMI RAIKKONEN IN RTR...wooooooot..

Me: STFU noob...
by NFS is SHIT March 23, 2010
short for "Ready to Ride" Cyclist term indicating the exact time the group should be ready to depart any given point.
"Meet at the trails for a group ride today, 6pm RTR"
by SorbaSC June 08, 2009
response to retard
When a retard comes up to you and askes you a retarded question, you simply just say "rtr" to them if you wish not to be disturbed by retardation.
by OMGLOLABC123 March 24, 2009
short for "ready to rape", a verry drunk girl that you have to keep away from any horny friends
o man shes had to much, shes gone to rtr
by ismokespydermansgirlfriend July 10, 2008

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