Real Time Racing, a game made by SIMBIN and uses the iOpener technology (iOpener used in real racing to show precisely the position+ speed + site of the car..) which allows you to play in real time against real life drivers.
My stupid friend: HOLY SHIT..!!! I JUST BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF KIMI RAIKKONEN IN RTR...wooooooot..

Me: STFU noob...
by NFS is SHIT March 23, 2010
Top Definition
"Roll Tide Roll"
used by Alabama fans that is short for the common used phrase ROLL TIDE ROLL!!
Are you watching the game? Go Bama!! RTR!!
by alabamachick February 24, 2009
RTR- (rock the red) wearing red in support of the Washington Capitals on game day.
Hey man you better RTR to the caps game tonight!
by munroskii October 10, 2011
Abbreviation for "Right Turn Retard". A Right Turn Retard is a driver who takes much too long making a right turn, thus needlessly blocking the right lane (or, in some cases, the only lane) of traffic. For similar left-turn phenomenon, see L.T.L..
Why can't this R.T.R. go just a little faster.
by Matt January 16, 2005
Acronym for "Raise the(e) roof."
Whenever an exciting situation occurs.
Act of facing palms to the ceiling and continually pumping them up and down.
AIM Chat>>>

Kevin: I got 2300 on my SATs!!!
Tiara: Wooters... RTR!!!
by Tiara M. March 30, 2008
Random Thread Resurrection. Used in forums when somebody bumps a thread that hasn't been posted in for a while.
Posted: 12/11/07
lol, wtf?
Posted: 04/21/08
hahaha, that's funny!
Posted: 04/21/08
RTR, good one noob.
by TurboPhoenix April 21, 2008
Ready to Rage

(Ready to do crazy things)

Ready to have fun.
Bro1: Yo, you ready to have some fun tonight? I heard about this crazy party.

Bro2: Yeah bro, I'm RTR. Let's roll.
by eman35354 October 27, 2010
Ready to Root, based of the australian word Root which means sex. Its North American version is DTF which means Down to Fuck. Saying someone is RTR means they want to have sex.
See the look that girl just gave me, she is definitely RTR.
by Aussiepie July 13, 2008
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