a stuck up asian person who has to be trendy at all times, and acts better than everyone else. commonly referred as a "richie type asshole"
"gosh meng i hate going to these fucking asian night clubs, there too many RTA's ! "
by Jae Dizzle August 21, 2009
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in speedrunning (playing games with the sole purpose of completing it in the lowest time possible) it's the term for unassisted (see TAS] for tool-assisted runs) runs in the community. It stands for real-time attack.
I just got the RTA world record for Super Mario Bros!
by speedrunningftw June 18, 2013
Abbreviation for Road Traffic Accident.
A car was involved in an RTA on the M25.
by NitramGTi September 08, 2005
"Reply To All."

A group of people that talk through email. Instead of clicking "Reply" you click "Reply To All."
"I just joined an RTA yesterday."
by monkeynoose November 19, 2007
Cleveland's Regional Transit Authority, aka, the Ride Through Africa. Titled as such because a large proportion of riders are Black.
Shoot, gotta buy a bus pass so I can take the RTA to go buy some 40s and some Black and Milds.
by roflcopter!!!11!! December 13, 2008
Short for Read the Article.

Thought to originate from fark.com
If you had RTA, you would know that France had plans to surrender
by Mithrander March 13, 2005
restricted to adults, usually means porn
If it's your first time on a RTA site with your girlfriend, it's sure gonna be awkward.
by adddicted February 10, 2013

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