Random Stranger on the Interwebs
Why are you asking for medical advice from RSIs?

{random strangers on the internet}
by wle May 25, 2012
Top Definition
Repetitive Strain Injury.
The price you pay for over-indulging in a single form of entertainment.
"For goodness sake put down that mouse, Johnny! You'll give yourself RSI..."
by CougarSW2 November 19, 2004
Research Science Institute. Insanely prestigious summer research program for rising high school seniors at MIT and CalTech. Practically impossible to gain admission.
RSI has the best of the best.
by nerdish January 02, 2005
Remove Surgical Instruments

Originally used by surgeons nearing the end of a surgery, this expression has become a reminder not to leave important things behind.
"Don't forget to RSI before sewing her up."

Hotel sign: "Please RSI before you check out!"
by ElSombrero September 17, 2013
An acronym for Rapid Sequence Induction, an emergency medical procedure sometimes performed by paramedics prior to intubation on conscience patients. It is essentially a rapid anesthetization.
EMT: Resps are 6 chief!
Medic: Alright, we need to intubate. Is he still conscious?
EMT: Partially
Medic: Go ahead and set up for an RSI
by pcbene December 24, 2007
Short for Residual Self Image. a term used in The Matrix. all you have to do is look in the mirror to find what your R.S.I is.
According to my R.S.I. I'm turning into a fiend
by Balthier99 April 09, 2010
Royal Sstein Institute

A global organisation of corruption, oppression and persecution. RSI has universal power over planet Earth. Ruled by the Sstein, who follows the Yllasic cult of forced religion.

RSI is enshrined in a total of 1,287,922 laws.
The RSI is closing in.

I have an opinion, unless it clashed with the RSI.
by RSI creator November 17, 2008
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