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Pronounced Double "R" Double "D" is an acronym meaning Road Rage Deterrent Device; any weapon of slight destruction that is kept close at hand in a car, truck, or other vehicle that may be used in case some idiot decides to get feisty with you. Should the need arise you simply take hold of your RRDD and it will discourage the disgruntled human being from becoming violent with you.

WARNING:(in some extreme cases the presence of a RRDD will escalate the situation in which case you must take a firm grip of your RRDD and beat the hell out of the disgruntled person)

Also works great for smashing your "ex's" windshield in.
Hammer, large wrench, 2.5 foot metal pipe, or virtually any other object that is not commonly known as a weapon so that if pulled over by a police officer he can be convinced it was in your car for reasons other than beating the hell out of someone. Having an RRDD is the epitome of being prepared.

(not a baseball bat; it is a serious crime to have a bat in your car at any time unless it is kept with the rest of your baseball / softball gear in the trunk)
by Brian Wright November 22, 2007
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