Rolling on the ground laughing my fucking ass off
when i saw your mom's face i was like rotflmfao
by erick15rodriguezputiozz May 21, 2008
i made this up. well maybe someone else did but i thought of it. just added an f on. it means:
Dude1: lol i totally hit a dork in the ballz with a dodgeball in gym class
Dude2: rotflmfao
by xx.purple.hedgehog.xx June 23, 2009
1. an acronym used by supergeeks in order to express approval of comments or anecdotes or to acknowledge a humorous occurrence, usually typed in chatrooms or during online gaming.
2. A sure-fire indication that one will never be laid by a woman you don't pay for.
"hhhmmmhey...I mega-fragged OCClanSuPerPain039 when he tried to grab the flag...ROTFLMFAO....glavin...hhmhey"
by John Cocktoastin January 28, 2003
Rolling on the floor laughing my FAT ass off...(new one)...used by fat people when laughing
Father/Mother: Raising teens is like nailing jello to a tree
Fat Father/Mother (Response): ROTFLMFAO
by Hugh Jass June 10, 2004
"Rotten Old Tomatoes Lying in Mayo For An Our" lol, i thought that up as i typed it
o shit, i steped in rotlmfao
by YoSHi March 22, 2005
Rolling On The Floor Laughing My F***ing A** Off

when you are laughing so hard that you cant just say ROTFL or LMFAO
That was so funny hahaha ROTFLMFAO
by TwilightYolo October 29, 2014

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