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Really Obnoxious Loudmouthed Fatso
Rush Limbaugh is a ROLF
by iheartjamesbond February 05, 2009
5 40
created when the common instant messenger acronym "rofl" (rolling on the floor laughing) was misspelled, ROLF is an acronym for "really old lady fucking". often used to describe what people you dont like do in parking lots.
youre gonna be an old lady someday rolfing it up with some stud, i can see it
by Oscar Rocha April 16, 2006
57 93
A boy who dumps a girl he loves after a year for a blond idiot who is all over every other guy in the school. Rolfs mostly love physical attention, and will freaking get resentful if a girl doesnt love him back. He self-loathes and is a drama-queen.

Mostly related to red heads, and soulmates are most often named Anna.
He's such a Rolf.
by Mmisssssssss April 02, 2009
18 55
Acronym for roll on laughing floor. It means the joke told was so funny even the floor was laughing.
Tom: How does Hitler like his juice?
Gary: How?
Tom: Concentrated.
Gary: ROLF
by -AlexXx January 11, 2009
66 108
Rolling On the Laughing Floor.

Something that is so funny that the floor starts laughing.
rolf, look at that

he's so funny, rolf!
by ZoG Rules August 30, 2007
74 116
1. To eat huge portions of food
2. To eat at Pizza Hut
3. To vomit
I ROLFed an entire large pizza.

I went ROLFing with some friends, and our waitress was attractive.

I ROLFed after eating that massive portion of food.
by Brian August 28, 2004
14 58
It's an acronym for Rolling On Lawn Farting.

Usually used by those people that change things around and all that as attempts to either confuse us or humor us. Either way we hate it and that's why you are here looking it up.
Someone says something on the Internet to another guy so he responds with a simple "ROLF" which causes the first guy to either pass it as a typo or ask "rolf?" so the guy says that he was rolling on his lawn farting.
by Rohàn Frederifrederick July 10, 2008
213 258