1. A mispronunciation of the term ROFL
2. A religion, the best damn religion invented
3. Newly created cult
4. Last name of an inspirational teacher
5. Type of laughter (Roll on laughing floor) a drunk person would describe
Keen to go ROLF?
by CcAaAa January 05, 2011
rolling on le floor
similar to rofl, but it is sometimes used (especially in german speaking countries) to look cooler.
A: rolf
B: Who the fuck is rolf?
A: He is french. Rolling on le floor. Oh my gawd, you are such a noob.
B: Shut up.
by Reaper[at] November 24, 2009
without question, a man with the utmost of intellect and talent. He has a following of well schooled nubiles, most definitely sore from raucous anal penetration.
check out Rolf and his limping hot muffin! How is it that his girl friends all let that happen to them??

hotnesskrauthandsomenesslady killer
by chopperzzrule October 21, 2011
Rolling On Ladies, Fucking
Steve: Hey Dan, what did you do last night?
Dan: I was ROLFing. It was an ill time
by sen30000 August 21, 2011
Roll On Laughing Floor.
(Person 1) HAHAHAH! ROLF!
(Person 2) You mean ROFL?
(Person 1) No, ROLF. Roll On Laughing Floor, duh.
(Person 2) ...
by kifykif October 24, 2010
A word originating from stoke on trent. Can be used in an outburst of annoyance or sheer discust and shock.
I slept with ...... last night ---- ROLF

Look at what shes wearing ---- ROLF
by Adamcwl September 27, 2009
An acronym that is short for "Rolling on Leather Furniture". Typically used for things like instant messaging and text messaging.Is very popular among the rich or tacky, since they are the typical owners of leather furniture.
Person 1: I was speaking to a peasant today, and he told me he didn't know what an omelette du fromage was!

Person 2: ROLF!
by haha4187 July 18, 2006
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