Expression shouted when a fat, bald man is seen or in particular when you see the actual Rolf itself.
Haha, look at that rolf!

(Upon seeing Rolf) ROLF! (run away)
by Milto-crew June 14, 2007
The name of a famous user on Windows Messengar.
Hey i talked to ROLF today, he is totally awesome.
by The Fishes in China May 01, 2009
"Rolling on laughing floor"
omg rolf
by Anonymous September 03, 2003
Lack of emotion. Likes to undergo sexual acts in the presence of others under the duvet. A bit of an exhibitionist.
"Oh man did you hear those noises coming from that room?"
"Yeah they're having a Rolf"
by BlatesStarr100 February 05, 2008
Rock Golf, a game that is played with a box spiggler which is hurled from the spangly dangler. Upon hurlation of the box spiggler, one proceeds to hit it with either a spiffler or a tobbler. There are not set courses on which to play you can play it anywhere! There are 21 holes that must be played. The turn order is determined by a tournament of rock/paper/scissors. the winner goes first. at the beginning of the game after the R/P/S tourney there is a mandatory cigarette break. Halfway through, either hole 10 or 11, there is also another cigarette break and the order is determined again by a R/P/S tourney. Gameplay continues until all 21 holes are played
They played Rolf in the middle of the Louvre! Can you beleive the audacity of those hooligans!
by the rolfer September 05, 2006
1. A mispronunciation of the term ROFL
2. A religion, the best damn religion invented
3. Newly created cult
4. Last name of an inspirational teacher
5. Type of laughter (Roll on laughing floor) a drunk person would describe
Keen to go ROLF?
by CcAaAa January 05, 2011
"Rolling on the laughing floor"

Used by some people as another way of saying rofl.
omg rolf
by Anonymous September 04, 2003

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