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A genre that revives a dead category of music like punk rock but only the result is much more different then the genre. Usually, when someone does a rock revival song or they are a band, they are much more hardcore than the normal music type or it combines another genre, dead or alive.
Sex Pistols+Depeche Mode=Rock Revival
Joy Division+Metallica=Rock Revial ... and so on
There are only two ROCK REVIVAL bands that are highly respected. Sometimes, the musicians would experiment too much and the result could be so crappy.
by Ian February 07, 2005
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Rock revival is a new genre of music that mixes goth rock, metal, punk, and alternative toghter. Think of it as Kittie meets Dead Kennedys.
The Sins, Nirvana (though grunge), Horrorpops are one of the Rock Revival bands
by Sommy February 05, 2005
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