That nigga that'll hit you with a pipe.
That nigga Roc will hit you with a pipe.
by Roc March 28, 2005
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Racist of Color. A subset of Folks who categorized themselves as "of color" -- meaning non-white, never mind that white is, in fact, a color -- who have no qualms about being racist and holding ugly prejudices against others of another shade of color, or, most typically, against the white color. Sharpton, Jay-z, La Raza, & many Social Justice Warriors are but a few examples.
Mike: That homie just called me a cracker-ass white bitch for inadvertently cutting in line at the taco truck!
Hector: Just another angry butthurt Oakland R.O.C. Forget that worthless douche!
by eddyslick May 08, 2014
Airport code for the most lamest city in the United States with a disproportionately violent crime rate: Rochester, N.Y.
Damn, since I have to fly into Rochester, I better wear a bulletproof vest to protect my back!
by Piranha September 30, 2006
1. Anything pertaining to Jay-Z and D. Dash's Rocafella empire, including the record label and clothing company.

2. To show off or wear very attractive, high quality clothing to a mall or school etc, or other place of gathering of people, sometimes to get noticed.
1. Yo' that new song by the Roc is tight

2. How bout' you roc your green and red Air Forces to the party tonight?
by Xavier Rodriguez November 15, 2003
What people from Rochester, NY call our city. Possibly the most slept on city in America for sure.
"where you from?"

"The ROC son!"
by dave2 May 01, 2005
Repression, Oppression, and Control
When the pigs shot that Jesus Freak, that was R.O.C. for shizzle.

ME: "The FBI raided that wilson what made the Fake Boarding Pass Generator!!!"

HER: "R.O.C. in action, stud-muffin.
by Pussfeller November 02, 2006
Return on Capital. Net income (or profit) before extraordinary items, interest expense and income taxes, divided by weighted average cost of capital (WACC). Shows how effectively a company is employing its capital (shareholders' equity and borrowings) to generate profits. Still widely used to evaluate financial institutions, but of limited use in other sectors.
"Cash flow remains strong and ROC employed moved up from 9.6% to 10.1% on a moving annual total (MAT) basis...."
by Seahen January 24, 2006
1. The Airport code for Rochester International Airport.
2. The adopted name of Rochester, a play on the nickname of Roc-a-Fella Records. Generally used by idiots and morons, who want to make Rochester cool, which real Rochesterians will assure you, is not.
1. What time does the flight arrive? Look for ROC flight 114.

2. White Kid: Yo, kid, I'm from the ROC, the R-O-C, mah shniggies!
Kid with a brain: Fuck you. (punch)
White Kid: Ow.
Jay-Z: Quit stealing my word, you prick.
by Alex in Rochester August 04, 2005

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